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About gTLDs

In 2013, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) for the first time in the history of the internet allowed applications for many thousands of new extensions, such as .xyz, .email, .link, .web and many many other. These new extensions are often referred to as "new gTLD", "nTLD", "ngTLD" or simply "new domain extensions". They differ from ccTLDs and can be compared to previous generic extensions like DOT NAME, DOT INFO or DOT BIZ. Every keyword on the right side of the dot was up for grabs. Many corporations like Google used this chance to secure extensions for their brands, e.g. DOT google or DOT apple.

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There are many thousands of new extensions and many different new operators. We try our best to include as many new extensions as possible, such as .zone, .xyz, .academy, .tips, .villas, .link, .top but we cannot guarantee that all extensions will work as expected for now.

Please do not spam registrants with your offers. Always be polite and contact owners only if you are truly interested in acquiring a name. It is a good practice to send an initial budget or price you are willing to pay for the name.